Wedding Dresses Living a Dream


Wedding dress is the dress for excellence and even if you wear it only once in life, should be just what our dreams, can make us feel beautiful and unique, for ourselves and for those we expect the altar.
If you are committed to future brides perfect gown search, here are some ideas and some advice, to feel real princesses in the most important day of your life.
The key word is romance, style is classic and refined, the color is white.

Search the dress that best represents your personality. Follow your style and enhance your figure by choosing the model that best suits your physical features.
Make space for dreams, childhood fantasies and the princess who is in you, and choose the dress that you have always wanted from the latest proposals of the stylists.


Simplicity and freshness are the essence of this wedding dress peplum.
light and smooth fabrics for skirts that fit the body without scoring figure.
Soft bodices that are closed on the back with fine lace and silk processing and small sleeves for bon ton style.
The belt enhances the waistline of this dress simple but very elegant.


Mix between past and future, the length of the dress contrasts with the transparency making to glimpse the legs.
Lace fine and pure whiteness, like its true romantic remake of the classic sheath dress.
White wedding sheath dress is enriched with lace and tulle on the bodice, and a large and very light long tulle skirt.
All this is complemented by a wide silk belt that emphasizes the waist.


Silky smooth and minimal lines for the skirt from the princely train, for the bride pointing on the classic wedding mermaid dress.
Transparencies embroidery and beading, making the precious and charming dress


Sensual and sophisticated deep neckline on the back, which is almost bare between games of lace and beads.


Embroidered bodice with beads on a maxi skirt in tulle with a thousand layers and different lengths to create a cloud effect.
The perfect wedding dress to impress thanks to the cut of the skirt, which becomes very short in front, leaving the legs in the foreground.
An unconventional wedding dress and sought especially suited to younger brides.

romantic pattern

Another candid and romantic pattern with v-neck bodice in silk smooth, flattering the bride, while the skirt creates a play of volumes and movement.


Romantic-heart for the entirely of lace bodice, stretching up to the hips snug and sensual.
An elegant and simple dress, the skirt is fluffy and wide in wedding princess style, true protagonist of the story.


If you want to highlight your shoulders choose a bustier neckline, reminiscent of elegant evening gowns. Sought vaguely retro touch, the corset rigid and smooth, opens in a beautiful wide and pleated skirt, for a refined and unique effect.
clean lines for this wedding dress romantic, vaguely vintage.


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